Thursday, July 09, 2009

Buster Olney on The Big Jab

ESPN's Buster Olney joined Shoe and Joe on The Big Jab this morning, and talked about the trade market, Roy Halladay, the AL East, and much, much more. He seems to think that if the Yankees and Red Sox were to get Halladay, it would take much more for them to get the deal done than it would for the Phillies.

He also talked about the AL West, the economic climate, and the he also stated he thinks Boston is going to go after Nick Johnson and move Kevin Youkilis to third base to compensate for the loss of Mike Lowell. You can listen below.

On Halladay staying in Toronto-"It's a possibility, but a source told me there is a 50-50 chance he will be traded. They want to get value while they can get value. If you look at the Johan Santana deal, the Mets didn't have to give up much."

On the Red Sox and Yankees on Halladay-"I know some executives for those two teams that think they will have to give up more than other teams because they are in the same division."

On the Red Sox-"Nick Johnson is the guy that might make the most sense (for Boston). Garrett Atkins is someone they have talked about."

He touched on a myriad of trade stuff, great listen.



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