Friday, October 30, 2009

In The Crease with Javier Gorriti-Timmay!

This World Series is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory. Both the Phillies and Yankees have great teams, with powerful line ups and comparable pitching staffs. One can give the edge one way, or the other, but in the end this is probably the best match up we have had in a World Series in 20 years. For the record, I took the Phillies in six.

The hated Evil Empire vs. the defending champs. CC vs. Lee, Pedro, Jeter, Howard, Gay-Roid.....the list goes on and on. Nothing can ruin this series. Oh, I forgot....Tim McCarver is doing the color commentating. Can Fox find anyone more annoying to do this...oh ya, his partner is Joe Buck. Oh God it just got worse.

I wonder which focus group Fox uses to determine that these two dubs are the guys for the job. Most of my friends are sports junkies. Most watch an inordinate amount of sports. Not one of them can tolerate this TV crew...not one!

Last night with two outs in the top of the 9th in game 2, Phillies down 3-1, Ibanez gets a 2 out single bringing up Bangor resident and Bangor High assistant hockey coach, Matt Stairs. Heeeeeere comes Timm-ayyyy! McCarver explains to all of us morons watching the game that this gives the Phillies life. Really Tim? You mean that getting a 2-out single with one more out left to give before the game ends keeps the Phillies alive?! Awesome, thank you, I had no idea!

It's not all Timm-ay's fault. Fox broadcasts the game as if MOST of the audience has never seen the game before. That in and of its self is extremely annoying, but when you add McCarver's ability to over analyze a blade of grass for 20 minutes, it becomes excruciating. My personal favorite was Tim-ahh comparing running with a guy ahead of you on the bases to be like pulling out from a stop sign. You know, the player at 1st needs to gauge the player on second's speed, much like you do when pulling away from a stop sign with a car in front of you. WHAT!!!!!!!!???????

Living in Red Sox territory, where we get to listen to Rem-dawg (get well soon) and Don, we are probably spoiled. They are the best duo for my money doing baseball games right now. The drop from that to Tim-ah and Joe is dramatic, no it's catastrophic. This is a great series so far and I expect that it will be one we all talk about for many years to come. I will watch every second and I probably won't remember much about Tim-ah and Joe driving me absolutely insane with inane comment after inane comment, but can't Fox fix this travesty? This is an assault on sports fans everywhere.

Javier Gorriti, UMaine Black Bear from 1994-1998, is a frequent contributor to the CMSB and the co-host of the PM JAB with Chris Sedenka. He is the president of Mermaid Seafoods in Portland ME. and has been working and living in Maine over the past 5 years. He can be reached at javier_gorriti at He once performed successful open-heart surgery with a paper clip, duct tape, and a beer bong.



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