Friday, November 06, 2009

Big East Preview, Week 10

A slow week in the Big East, with just three games…and three weak matchups. It’s hard to think there will be an upset this week. But, there’s a reason they play the game. On to the picks…

Last Week: 2-2
Overall: 42-8

Bye Week: Rutgers, South Florida

Louisville at West Virginia: A few years ago this was the premier matchup in the Big East. Now it’s just another game. It’s continues to be a tough year the Cards. Just being competitive against a decent team has been a task. Meanwhile, West Virginia is in the doldrums. The Mountaineers are undisciplined and have no sense of direction. Having said all of that I wonder if anyone is actually going to watch this game? Well…I will. Look for the Mountaineers to have a lot of offensive success. The Cardinals’ defense continues struggle, especially on the road. Expect a big day from Noel Devine, as he continues to be the one bright spot for West Virginia. Defensively, the Mountaineers are a train wreck. It will be interesting to see if Louisville can stay in this game early with the pass. Overall, the Mountaineers will be too much, and the Cards will remain winless on the road.

Prediction: 31-13 West Virginia

Syracuse at (13) Pittsburgh: Tough week for the Orange. It started with Doug Marrone having to passionately defend Greg Paulus. That followed by star receiver Mike Williams quitting the team…and now ends with playing one of the hottest teams in the nation. Pittsburgh is firing on every cylinder known to man. The rushing game is explosive, the pass is efficient, and the defense is holding the fort. The Panther’s do control their own destiny in the conference, and shouldn’t have a lot of problems this week. Expect the balanced Pitt attack to break down the ‘Cuse defense early. Bill Stull should have a good pocket to throw in, and should also slice the secondary up. Dion Lewis will have some room to run the ball as well. There is no slowing this Frosh down. Conversely, the Orange offense will struggle, especially without Williams. This is looking like it’s going t be a long day for Syracuse. At least no Dolphins are playing…yeah I went there.

Prediction: 31-9 Pittsburgh

Game of the Week: UConn at (5) Cincinnati: Hard luck continues to Connecticut. Two straight heartbreaking losses is testing this team’s will. However, there is certainly no quit in Randy Edsell-led team. The Huskies will continue to fight. It’s a tough battle this week though, taking on the conference leader on the road. Connecticut did beat Cincinnati last year, so don’t expect the Huskies to be scared. It will be interesting to see how the Connecticut defense responds from the inconsistent play lately. This was a very stingy group earlier this year. No matter who the Cincy quarterback is, they should have some success. The running game may be slowed, but the passing attack will prevail. The Husky offense is playing much better. However, the Bearcats’ defense is one of the most underrated groups in the nation…having only allowed 103 points in eight games. Expect a spirited effort early from UConn, but Cincinnati is just a much better team…and it will show.

Prediction: 28-8 Cincinnati


Unknown said...


Pitt. With Syracuse's troubles, Pitt could win this one by 60. Actually wouldn't surprise me to see Dave run this one up a little.

Cinci, though I can't help feeling that Cinci might drop one prior to their showdown w/ Pitt in December.


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