Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday Maledictions

It was one of those weekends I would prefer to move past, but I won't be able to until I finish this column. What started off with a bang and promise (The Red Claws opening night, interviews with Mike Hazen and Sean McAdam) turned into another weekend of discontent.

Has Madden Football killed the NFL?

I am not sure what has recently happened in the NFL, but it seems as though NFL head coaches have lost their damn minds. Jeff Fisher and Bill Belichick, whom many regard as great head coaches, both left points on the field yesterday with decisions that were questionable at best. The Titans had two drives stall in the red zone, but instead of taking the 3 points each time, Fisher went for it each time an came up empty. Add those 6 points to yesterday's final score, and the game not only becomes much closer, but it forces the Colts out of "bleed the clock" mode and changes the complexion of the game. Belichick, in his never-ending quest to act like Mike Martz, (as fans drink the free juice boxes) went for it on 4th and 1 in Dolphins territory, called one of those horrible fullback pops, and came up empty (More on the Patriots later). I'm not sure exactly when people who should be appearing on Madden Nation became head coaches of NFL teams, but it's time someone reminds these coaches that you don't have to go for it on every fourth down from here on out. The lack of fundamentals in this league recently is stunning to me, and as someone who watches every game every week (thanks to NFL Sunday Ticket, DVR, and Team shortcuts), this is league-wide. Right now the two best coached teams in the league are the Saints (obviously) and the Ravens. They both seem to make the tackles they are supposed to make week in, week out, and don't make stupid decisions. Keep that in mind as we head around the first furlong in the stretch run.

This Kool-Aid tastes like rotten milk

Tom Brady continued his recent Drew Bledsoe-like play in the red zone, throwing another costly interception that killed a drive and cost them a chance at points, the second red zone pick he has thrown in 4 weeks. (This doesn't even mention the ill-advised pass Brady threw to end the game). The kicker is, per Shalize Manza Young of the Providence Journal via, Brady is now calling out his team in the media, with gems such as "When things don't go your way, you have to fight back. That's a challenge for all of us. I think at times we do, and at times I don't think we fight very hard."

I hate to say this, but this is the exact same horseshit Peyton Manning would have pulled 4 years ago, and myself and other members of the media would have roasted him slowly. Saint Tom needs to look in the mirror when casting these stones because the Patriots certainly aren't losing in spite of him, and he hasn't done much to help lately.

Your Token BCS Rant

Once again, people are complaining about the BCS, as there were 5 unbeaten teams that finished the season, and only 2 get to play for the "national title". If the Big 12 title game is any indication, Alabama/Texas is going to be a train-wreck of epic proportions. Many are up in arms because TCU didn't get to face Alabama, but even if Texas had lost, the BCS rankings had Cincinnati higher than TCU, so it would have been Bama v. Cincy for the "national title". Oooh boy, that would have been a delicious shit sandwich. Now, Boise and TCU, from the island of misfit toys, get to play EACH OTHER in the Fiesta Bowl. Why you ask? Simple, because if both TCU and Boise had beaten BCS schools and finished unbeaten, the BCS once again gets a giant load of poo smeared on it's dome. Now, one of the unbeaten teams has to lose, and if Cincy loses, then the PR company can spin that there are only two unbeaten teams and that the system worked. How convenient. Once again, you can't spell "BCS" without "BS". Unfortunately I don't see it changing in our lifetime, so I will go back to watching the FCS playoffs, which against all odds seems to work just fine every year.

Those are your Monday Maledictions for Monday December 7th. Please have a better week than weekend.



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