Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday-Where The Patriots Being Awful Happens

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The Patriots season is over. Flat-lined. Dead. You can read the aftermath here, here, here, and here. Matty will write the eulogy on the season later on today.

The Celtics beat the Raptors, and Rajon Rondo had a triple double.

The Maine Black Bears men's hoops team outlasted Binghamton in overtime 66-61.

The women's team wasn't so lucky.


jalbs said...

Yesterday didn’t surprise me one bit. I kind of expected it so I wasn’t shocked. This team may have had the Patriots logo on the side of their helmets, but a picture of Strawberry Shortcake would have been more fitting. This team is the antithesis of tough; they're just a bunch of soft uninterested zombies. Except for Faulk and Edelman the team left their fire, emotion, and desire to win far far away from Gillette Stadium. Embarrassing is too cliché and also too “soft”. Their play was projectile vomit inducing and I was on the verge a few times. It was a microcosm of the entire season. There was poor O-line play, no separation from the WR and TE on patterns, lack of a running game, an erratic Tom Brady, horrible play calling, poor special teams coverage, poor D-line play, lousy tackling, zero push from the front 7 as they got blown off the line on every play, lack of preparation, no intensity…I could go on. For years we heard about the Patriot Way and how everyone knew their role and assignment. That’s gone; long gone.

So who is to blame? The fans can share the blame. Not the diehards because the diehards like myself have been critical even during the good times. It is the pink hatters or fair-weather fans who refused to be critical and refused to hold the feet of the Pat’s brass to the fire. They kept buying tickets and merchandise which gave the Pat’s brass free reign to do whatever they wanted personnel wise knowing the new crop of fans were drinking the koolaid. The players obviously share a large part of the blame. Most of these guys were here and played with Bruschi, Harrison, Seymour, Vrabel, etc. so they knew the right way to prepare and play. It’s unacceptable that they settled for anything less than their best effort out there. That leaves the final and most deserving label of culpability…Bill Belichick. Whether it was arrogance or a lack of talent evaluation (or both) this roster has his finger prints all over it. His drafting over the years has been horrible, especially first and second round picks. His desire to trade down every year passing up on players who could have an impact has proven to bite him in his back side. His free agent signings for the most part have been horrible. In an offseason that already saw leaders like Bruschi and Harrison retire he trades away Vrabel and Seymour. His lack of a real OC handicapped this team all season long. O’Brien was overmatched and out of his league every game. It’s evident this new crop of players didn’t buy into his system. They lacked preparation, discipline, desire, toughness, and showed apathy too many times. Either Bill cleans house and starts over or he goes. It’s that simple.

Looking ahead to 2010 it looks bleak. Brady will be one year older and is now becoming that fragile QB we are used to seeing on other teams. Their best WR may not even play in 2010. They have unrestricted free agents including Wilfork, Watson, Mankins, Faulk, and Gostkowski. We all know Bill’s penchant for penny pinching so most if not all of these players could be gone. The defense is an absolute mess and needs to be purged. Adalius Thomas, Burgess, Springs, Bodden, etc. need to go. Mayo is not who we thought he was. He was a disaster this season. Their running game is horrid. Maroney needs to go. Fred Taylor is washed up. Sammy Morris is an injury waiting to happen. They have no depth at WR. Moss is breaking down and after Edelman there are just a bunch of special teamers. The O-line was extremely inconsistent. The D-line was nonexistent with no pass rush and a lack of run stopping ability.

So in summation this teams needs a lot…pass rushers, LB’s that can tackle and stop the run, CB’s that can cover and tackle, a running game, WR’s, an OC, a TE, and toughness. Hit somebody for frigging sake. The draft is in 3 short months, but if history holds true with Bill and the draft then help will be a long ways away. At least I still have 3 Super Bowl DVDs I can watch to relive the glory days…


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