Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tuesdays-The Real Worst Day of the Week

It's Tuesday, which as many of you know is the day I hate the most. On the bright side we have stuff to link to, so here we go...

  • The Maine Black Bears mens b-ball team is on a roll, knocking off the Princeton Tigers 52-50 on Monday night in Orono. They now head into America East play, and one has to wonder if this could be the year they break into the field of 65.
  • Jason Bay passed his Mets physical and will be introduced to the media at 11 AM today. Somewhere the Texas Rangers are thinking "we would have flunked him on his physical".
  • Oh, and the Boston Red Sox signed Adrian Beltre and his career .325 OBP to a one-year deal with an option. There should be no fall-out from this at all on sports-talk radio, the blogosphere or anywhere else. No truth to the rumor that the Red Sox were trying to trick Mike Lowell into accepting a job in Japan on the premise he would be the star of "Mr. Baseball 2". You can tweet us your thoughts on the Beltre signing @CMSBMatty and @JeffCMSB.
  • Bill Belichick will not be having Charley Casserly over for dinner anytime soon.



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