Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Celtics and Patriots Are Spitting Images of Each Other

Get it? Twins? Oh never mind you sickos...

I know that basketball and football are 2 different sports, but when watching this Celtics team right after watching the 2009 Patriots, the similarities between the two teams are stunning. Instead of leaving it that, let's break down some of the comparisons between the two teams.

Tony Allen and Lawrence Maroney-The Enigmas

Both have tons of talent. Both make flashy plays that are followed up with bonehead plays of the century. Allen will dunk over three people on one play, throw a bad pass the next possession, brick an easy bunny, then make a spectacular steal. Maroney is the king of 8 yard runs followed up by goal-line fumbles. Honestly, I wonder if they have been separated at birth.

Kevin Garnett and Tom Brady-The Knee Injury Wonder Twins

Both players changed their respective franchises when they arrived in town. Both caused their fan-bases great pain when they got hurt. Neither team is as good without them. KG probably swears more, though.

Rajon Rondo and Jerod Mayo

The future faces of the franchise. Both turned out to be great draft picks and future franchise cornerstones. Both aren't perfect (Rondo and his jump-shooting, Mayo and his 2009 decline in production) but both are the real deal and will be the bridge for their respective franchises sooner than we all might think.

Rasheed Wallace and Randy Moss

Checkered pasts, discipline issues, massive amounts of talent. Both have been questioned for their effort, both have been asked why they don't do other things (why doesn't Moss go over the middle more? Why doesn't Sheed go into the paint?). The difference is Moss was productive and played hurt this season. The jury is still out on Rasheed.

Ray Allen and Vince Wilfork-The Uncertain Futures

Ray has been the subject of trade rumors and seems to have worn down alot. Wilfork is 28, which in football years for a defensive lineman means he probably has about 2 to 3 good years left. Both can be free agents, Wilfork can be franchised of course, and both players could be playing somewhere else next year. Both would be missed if they leave.

Paul Pierce and Wes Welker-The Glue

Welker was the best player on the Patriots before he wrecked his knee in Houston. With his heart and determination, I think he will get back to that point at some point. Pierce is out with a foot injury right now, and we will see how much he is missed while he is gone, but this much is clear, both of these players are the glue on their respective teams.

Kendrick Perkins and Brandon Meriweather-The Works in Progress

Both were drafted because of their talent and high upside potential. Both drive you crazy with their bad habits (Perkins with his fouls and the occasional technical, Meriweather with his blown coverages and missed tackles). When both are on their game, their teams are unstoppable, but unfortunately, it doesn't happen often enough.

Kevin Faulk and Eddie House-The Bench Sparks

Both are huge presences coming off the bench, and both have the ability to come up with the huge play. I tend to ask why they don't get used more. Each one has come through with huge plays in huge situations and are able to put the nail in the proverbial opponent's coffin. Both will be remembered for a very long time.

Bill Belichick and Doc Rivers-The Coaches

Both have made perplexing decisions recently, Belichick with 4th and 2 and Doc with his habit of over-playign his starters. Bill preaches "Do your job" and Doc preaches "Ubuntu". Both have won titles, but have they gone as far as they can go?

Can YOU think of anymore comparisons between the two teams?



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