Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tito on Lars Anderson:"He Had to Really Grind"

Matt Boutwell/CMSB Media Photo

Red Sox manager Terry Francona answered some questions in his NESN mailbag this week, and he talked about prospect Lars Anderson, the first baseman who struggled in Portland last season.

"Last year at this time, Lars had just completed the rookie development program. He was the talk of the town. Going into spring training, everybody was looking at Lars to make the next big impact. It was probably a little unfair, and I believe he tried to live up to a lot of those expectations and, in the process, put undue pressure on himself. After tearing up Double-A to end the 2008 season, he had to really grind through a year of adjustments. He is slated to be in major league camp as a non-roster player, and we are looking forward to seeing him a year more mature -- and, hopefully, all the good things that will come with it."

Many on the player development side in the Red Sox organization are hoping that Anderson taking the off-season off from Fall Leagues and the like will allow him to clear his head and rebound. Needless to say, if he develops into the power-hitter everyone thinks, the bat everyone thinks the Red Sox need might just have to be called up instead of traded for.



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