Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday-Where Paul Pierce Getting Hurt Happens

So the 4 games in 5 days stretch for the Celtics is over, and they finally won a game, beating the Wizards Monday night. Everything's good, right?

Wait, not so fast. Paul Pierce is due for an x-ray on his banged up foot, which got injured when Caron Butler got tangled up with the Truth. No wheelchairs were required, but he missed the 4th quarter.

Mark Stuart is the latest Bruin to be injured.

Randy Moss played much of the season with a separated shoulder. Mike Freeman and Michael Felger still think he was dogging it.

The Red Sox signed reliever Joe Nelson to a minor-league deal. No word on if he is related to Jeff, but bullpen security is on a "code red", just in case.



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