Monday, February 22, 2010

Wilfork Gets a Slap in the Face from #Patriots, gets the Franchise Tag

This may be the last time we see Wilfork smile

Vince Wilfork, who earlier this off-season said it would be "a slap in (his) face" if the Patriots hit him with the franchise tag, better get the ice ready.

According to multiple reports (we'll link our boy Ian Rapoport from the Boston Herald because we are insanely biased), Wilfork was hit the non-exclusive franchise tag, which means he can entertain offers with other teams if they want to give up 2 first round picks for him. His salary if he signs the one-year tender would be guaranteed at 7.003 million.

So basically, Wilfork will probably be back next year, but he could hold out to let his unhappiness be known. He could also refuse to sign the tender and sit-out and not be fined. This could get ugly, folks so stay tuned.



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