Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The New NFL Overtime Rules:Quick Reference

For the many callers to the Big Jab and around the country, here is a quick reference guide to the new NFL Overtime Rules.

1. If the team that receives the opening kickoff gets a field goal, they have to kick off to their opponents. If the opponent ties the game, they have to kick it back to the other team. From there the first team to reach the 6 point mark in overtime wins.

2. If the receiving team scores a touchdown on the opening drive, the game is over.

3. If the receiving team gets a field goal on the opening drive, and the opponent scores a touchdown on their drive, the game is over.

4. If, on the opening drive, the defense gets a safety on the offense, the game is over.

5. If the kicking team kicks and recovers an onside kick on the kickoff and gets a field goal or touchdown on the ensuing drive, the game is over, because the receiving team's attempt to field the kick is considered a possession.



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