Tuesday, March 09, 2010

#Pirates CEO Brian Petrovek Spent Monday in Albany

Pete Dougherty from the Albany Times-Union FINALLY has some new news on the "Pirates in Crisis" saga (by FINALLY we meant finally someone had something new to report about this, sorry if that was taken otherwise). Brian Petrovek apparently spent Monday meeting with Times-Union Center GM Bob Belber.

"“I believe he’ll be talking to his other partner that’s part of his ownership team,” Belber said.

The kicker is he already has a back-up plan if the Pirates stay put.

"If for some reason this should fall apart, which I’m not expecting, we have a second AHL owner that we’ve been in contact with,” Belber said. “They were here last week and I spoke to them again (Monday), and I believe that we’ll have an AHL team here one way or the other.”

ATU:Waiting game continues among guarded optimism



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