Friday, March 05, 2010


Jeff speaks with Shoe and Joe on The Morning Jab Today With the Latest

After days of back and forth, Neal Pratt and Brian Petrovek essentially confirmed to the Portland Press Herald what the CMSB has been saying since Monday and Wednesday.

In a Portland Press Herald article, Pirates President Brian Petrovek said "the current situation isn't working for the building and it's not working for the team." Petrovek also told The Press Herald that Pirates deserved "missed revenue opportunities," including naming rights for the civic center, "sub-naming rights" to other sections of the building. (feel free to compare the numbers from that article to the one we had on Wednesday Night)

Cumberland County Civic Center Board of Trustees Chair Neal Pratt told the Press Herald a deal is unlikely because "It's a different universe...It is a sea change in the relationship between the civic center and the Pirates."

A source with direct knowledge of the discussions told The CMSB early Friday morning, "With the incomplete nature of the proposal from the Pirates and the major differences in structure and revenue changes, it is highly unlikely a deal will be reached" between the team and the Board. When asked if the feeling was that The Pirates negotiated in good faith, the source responded "Yes, but it was clear there were other cities in play"

Stay here all day today for updates as Jeff will attend the 8AM meeting at The Cumberland County Civic Center.



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