Monday, March 15, 2010


The Portland Press Herald reported late Monday that the Albany Times Union Center is "going in another direction."

The CMSB had a chance to speak to Chair of the Cumberland County Civic Center Board of Trustees, Neal Pratt Monday evening and said "..we learned of the Albany Times Union Center's decision to move forward the same as everyone, from the Press Herald." When asked if there would be any impending announcement, Pratt said "We are optimistic" and "hopeful that there will be a resolution Wednesday morning." Pratt said there will be a board meeting at 9AM Wednesday at The Cumberland County Civic Center.

The CMSB has learned from sources familiar with the negotiations that, pending board approval, The Portland Pirates will stay in Portland "for the foreseeable future." The source also stated the final offer from Pertovek an the Pirates is "far from what the original offer was" and is "much closer to the deal already in place."

Check back for updates.

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Sources:Pirates Have a Deal in Principle W/ Times Union Center in Albany


LisaD said...

ONe question for the CMSB: are you sure of your "sources" this time? It seems you and Pete Doughtery of the Times Union have a fondness for unnamed sources, and for quoting each other. Nice way to keep the pot stirred.

MattyMSM said...

Well, we were sure of our sources last time. The thing is Lisa, they were 2 points of view to this, the Albany side and the Portland side. Albany felt they were close to a deal, an AHL source confirmed it, and we ran the story. 2 days later we put out the numbers of the negotiations, and posted on where things stood. It's pretty obvious here Albany was used as leverage to get a better deal out of the CCCC. I'm sorry you can't see that, but we appreciate you taking the time to comment.


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