Monday, March 08, 2010

#UMaine's Darling Suspended Indefinitely, Possibly Dismissed

UPDATE 11:23 PM: WLBZ 2 has an update and an interview with Blake James about the situation. They also have a source who tells them what the issue might be.

WLBZ-Darling Suspended

UPDATE 10:14 PM: To confirm the last update that Darling is not expected to be back, a source with knowledge has told us that assistant coach Bob Corkum was not on the bench last weekend, he was out recruiting goaltenders. The current active goalies on the roster are Dave Wilson, Shawn Sirman, and Josh Seeley.

UPDATE 4:32PM:A source with knowledge of the situation tells The CMSB that Darling was "dismissed" from the team, not just suspended indefinitely. His career at UMaine is likely over.

ORIGINAL POST 1:09PM:I'm really not a fan of printing negative news about Maine sports teams, but WLBZ 2 in Bangor is reporting that University of Maine goaltender Scott Darling has been suspended indefinitely. This is his third suspension in the last 2 seasons, including a 2 game suspension earlier this season.

Maine Goalie Suspended-WLBZ2



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