Friday, April 23, 2010

In The Crease W/ Javier Gorriti: What We Learned from Day 1 of the NFL Draft

It's hard to describe the level of excitement I had as the draft was about to begin. Food on the grill, some friends over, trash talking; all great things as one of the best nights of the year loomed. As I watched the first round of the 2010 NFL draft unfold, I learned many new and wonderous things. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. The Bills take a strangle hold as the worst drafting team in the NFL. They take an injury prone player at the one position they are actually OK. You can roll with Lynch and Jackson. Anthony Davis is the pick here. I learned that you don't need to block or tackle, just really fast 3rd down backs.

2. The Raiders make a surprisingly great pick at 8 selecting Rolando McClain, LB 'Bama. Rolando will be one of the top 3 players out of this draft when we look back three to four years from now. This upgrades their defense immediately and builds on an increasingly solid core of youg players. Now if they would just release Jamarcus. I learned that Al Davis might not be completely senile yet.

3. Detroit gets the best player in the draft (Suh) then trade up to take the fastest RB,outside of Spiller,in the draft. Fills a huge need and adds another weapon to a pretty good offense. Suh will help a vastly improved defense. I learned that it is possible to build a team and draft well in Detroit. Watch out,this team is going to surprise a lot of people next year. In the WC hunt.

4. Denver dumps Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler the past two seasons. They come back with Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow. Thomas played in a spread option offense and there is just simply no way to tell how he will play in a pro offense and he has trouble catching the ball. Tim Tebow is the worst 1st round QB prospect......ever. I learned that Josh McDaniels is dumber and more incompetent than I thought. Careening towards being the worst team in the AFC West. Oh I also learned that if I can convince teams I'm a good enough guy, I could be drafted in the first round.

5. Colts get a gift with Jerry Hughes. I learned that the Colts will stay at the top levels of the NFL for another 8-10 years.

6. The Jets take Kyle Wilson, making their secondary, especially in nickle, almost impossible to throw into. In a division with Moss and Marshall, that is going to serve them well. I learned what I have suspected since they hired Rex Ryan: Rex Ryan will turn this franchise into a perrenial SuperBowl contender.

7. New England trades down from 22 to 27 and takes Devon McCourty, CB from that football power Rutgers. Interesting move, not one that is need based and many would argue that Kyle Wilson is a much better prospect and player. Dez Bryant made a lot of sense there as did Hughes, or Sergio Kindle. I learned that Billy still thinks systems win games,not players.

8. Titans are handed an absolute gift with Derek Morgan at 16. Probably one of the top 5 players in this draft. I learned that Jeff Fisher just keeps getting it done.

9. The Giants take boom or bust prospect Jason Pierre-Paul. We know Osi is fighting with big blue, but this is a defense that was #30 last year. I expected them to draft a LB here, but their history of drafting ends makes this pick, at least positionally,not surprising. I think they will rue passing on Morgan, but time will tell. I learned that you can never have enough DE's in NY.

10. Tim Tebow goes before Jimmy Claussen. I learned nothing from this.

My three best players to come out of the first round are #1 Suh, #2 McClain and #3 Berry. The three worst are #1 Tim Tebow, #2 Tim Tebow and #3 Tim Tebow. Seriously, this is the worst 1st round QB prospect of all time. The Spiller pick is pretty horrible as well, but nothing even comes close to the atrocity of Tebow going in the first round.

Can't wait for round two tonight!!!!

Javier is the co-host of the PM Jab and the owner of Mermaid SeaFoods. He is an unabashed Jets fan who has an autograph of the great Johnny Hector somewhere in his house.



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