Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In The Crease With Javier Gorriti: Wake-Up Call (With Apologies to Maroon 5)

As a Jets fan, I continue to smile as the offseason continues. Watching the Pats stand idly by in their arrogance is truly a gift.....and we DO appreciate it.

Pats fans must be going nuts. They now have the 3rd best offense in the division as they stand by and watch Boldin, Holmes and Marshall get traded elsewhere. The Pats have a pathetic receiving core at this point and rookie WR's, should they draft one, rarely make big impacts. They still have 12, and that will make things a little better, but the genius and his cronies continue to believe that they, not the players, win games. Big mistake.

As it stands, their opening day WR's are Moss, Edelman and Tate. Yuck.

The part that is most astounding is what other teams have given up to get these players as the Pats stand by in all their smugness, confident that they don't need great players to win...they just need Billy B. How did Billy do in Cleveland without great players (Vinny Testaverde aside). Not that great.

When you consider that the Jets gave up a 5th, Ravens gave up a 3rd and either 4th or 5th for Boldin and Miami gave two 2nds for Marshall, it's hard to understand what the Patriots reasoning could possibly be here. It's not like the Patriots don't need a big time receiver opposite an aging Moss. Actually they desperately need an impact guy to open the middle of the field. This was an average offense last year when Welker was healthy. Now he's gone and even if he returns, you cannot realistically expect him to be anywhere close to what he was before shredding his knee.

Bottom line, this is a passing offense. It is built to be that. The Pats do not have the personnel to be a power running offense. The problem is that the Pats don't have the personnel to be an elite passing offense either at this point. So what are they? Very average, that's what.

I actually believe that the Patriots defense is now ahead of their offense as a unit, especially if they get a pass rusher in the draft, which I suspect they will. There are plenty of options in this draft to fix that hole. Even so, is this Pats D better than the Jets, or Miami's? No in the case of the Jets and debatable in the case of Miami.

This leaves only one conclusion. The Pats are the third best team in the AFC East and I seriously doubt they can make the playoffs in 2010. The beginning of the end is finally here and you can thank the arrogance that has pervaded this organization the past few years. This team has been riding the coat tails of accomplishments now long in the past. Time to move on boys. This team has to change.

Javier Gorriti is the co-host of the PM Jab on 96.3 The Big Jab and the owner of Mermaid Seafoods. In his spare time he steals Patriots fans lunch money, which he uses to help Antonio Cromartie support his 9 kids.



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