Friday, April 02, 2010

Matty's Maledictions:Super-Special Friday Edition

I was just cycling through the site this morning, as I am prone to do when I actually get a free second, and realized I haven't really written a ton of stuff lately. I am guessing here, but it might be the newest addition to the Boutwell and CMSB families, Kayli Shay, who was born March 12th, or maybe it was the fill-in on the Morning Jab last week. Regardless, I feel like I have some pent-up snark that needs to be released.

Hockey, where have you been all my life? Even with the impending baseball season about to get under way,  I find my TV constantly tuned to NHL Network. Or Versus (welcome back to Directv by the way). Or NBC (when they get around to broadcasting games). Or NESN. Whatever, you get my point, my love for the NHL has returned to my high school levels. I'm not sure if it's just me getting older and realizing the NBA is a complete joke, my frustration with the Celtics, or the fact my new 60-inch HDTV makes watching hockey spectacular, but the fact is my love for the NHL has returned with a vengeance, and I couldn't be happier. I suggest you make the same call, unless of course you want to see Kevin Durant get calls like "Michael F'n Jordan".

Very sad news about Junichi Tazawa needing Tommy John surgery. "Taz" was great in the Sea Dogs clubhouse last season, and even with the language barrier you could tell his teammates not only loved him, but went out of their way to make him feel welcome and comfortable. He even found some success at the big league level, and seemed prime for a year at Pawtucket before this set-back. Luckily, he's young, he's not a power pitcher anyways, so the prognosis for his career looks bright. We here in Maine are hoping this all goes well, Junichi.

Speaking of the Sea Dogs it is going to be a fantastic year to be at Hadlock. Jose Iglesias. Casey Kelly. Lars Anderson, the sequel. Ryan Kalish. Although it might not be quite as fertile as it was in 2005-2007 (Buchholz,  Pedroia, Ellsbury, Papelbon), you can rest assured plenty of eyes will be watching this team. Plus, the fact we will now be at Hadlock for the Remy Report for nearly every game makes it that much cooler.

I was going to write something about the #Celtics here, but about half-way through my thought process I gave up.

I am looking forward to this weekend's Final Four, although I have been saddened to realize that I have to root for West Virginia this weekend, which puts me on the same boat as Chris Sedenka (who neglected to invite me to his bachelor party last weekend. Yes, granted, I probably would have turned it down due to the whole baby thing, but it would have been an honor to be invited. No, really, I'm not bitter about this). I will be rooting for Butler to win the whole thing, as it would be nice to see a mid-major take down the elitist conferences. Think about it, if Butler wins the NCAA Hoops title, and Boise St wins the BCS next year (totally happening, by the way), how awesome would that be? Of course, the last thing anyone with a soul wants to see is Michigan State v. Duke in the final game, which means one thing: that it will be Monday night's match-up.

Note to all: If you decide to do body work on your truck, can you not do it at 8 PM at night in your driveway?

Why am I not excited about the NFL Draft? Usually it's all I can think about, but this year I just won't care until it gets here. I think it's due to the NFL's decision to start the draft on Thursday night. I truly hope it dive-bombs in the ratings and moves back to a weekend-only affair. Of course, it won't, and next year will be a week-long affair starting on Monday night.

I miss sleeping.

I just picked up a coffee addiction at the age of 31. Dammitt.

Scarborough Downs opens this weekend, normally this is where I throw out a "Get To the Track" reference, but that kind of goes without saying. Get out and support your local tracks, agriculture depends on it.

English muffins with butter are insanely underrated.

Kevin Dineen should be a head coach in the NHL next season. (Look at the track record of Barry Trotz since he got into the NHL) Might Dineen be offered a job by the Rangers, who could possibly be looking for someone to replace John Tortorella?

Let's get Pat Burns Into the Hall of Fame, Now!

MLB predictions will be made on Saturday, but I can tell you now I am not picking the Yankees, Red Sox or Phillies to win the World Series.

I have a hunch Jeff will be picking Mark Wagner to win Rookie of the Year.

Red Sox/Yankees live blog Sunday night should be a a lot of fun Sunday night. We'll be giving away games from 2KSports and a grand prize, dinner for 2 to Jerry Remy's Bar and Grill and 2 Red Sox tickets.

Let me be the first Patriots fan to say "Tebow? Hell No!" Remember last year? Remember all the hype about Pat White? The same Pat White who is now stuck behind Chad Henne in Miami? Does anyone really believe Tebow is coming to town? Does anyone believe the most conservative player to come into the NFL ever is going to play in one of the most liberal states in America? I will eat a hat if this happens. Meanwhile, get your "Tebow, Hell No!" T-shirts Now!

Oh and, I have 2 vouchers for Sea Dogs Tickets good for any game this year, provided you go to the box office or redeem it by mail. I will pick a random Twitter follower to get these once I get to 800 followers. Is this a cheap attempt to bump up my Twitter numbers? Yes, yes it is. (

Doctor Who Season 5 starts this Saturday in the UK. MLB opening weekend, the Final Four, Scarborough Downs opening and Doctor Who Season 5? This might be the greatest weekend ever.

Until next time, it's the last time.



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