Monday, April 19, 2010

#RedSox Swept by 2010 AL Champion #Rays

The 2010 AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays completed the superfecta today, sweeping the Red Sox with an 8-2 win over John Lackey. The Red Sox are currently on a tear of 0-32 with runners in scoring position, Bill Hall has played more this season than Mike Lowell, JD Drew and David Ortiz's batting average don't add up to Ortiz's weight, Mike Cameron is passing more kidney stones, Jacoby Ellsbury is persona non grata, Daniel Bard's fastball has no movement, Jonathan Papelbon can leave the team for the birth of his son and not be missed because there are no saves to be had, and Dustin Pedroia is bunting. Did I miss anything? In any other division, you can get away with this kind of start. With the Yankees and Rays involved, you can't. I am not a sky is falling type of guy, but feel free to push the panic button, Red Sox Nation.

PS from JeffCMSB

Here is a little fun fact for to guess the last time the Sox were swept at home in a 4 (or more) Game about 8/18 - 8/21 2006 by the Yankees...hmmmm how did that go again?


MattyMSM said...

Oh, and Jeff Schools' illegitimate son, Mark Wagner, has more home runs than Victor Martinez.


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