Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sicko Pulls a Favre, Un-Retires, Joins #Cowboys

Well, that was fast. Just a day after Peter King sang his praises in Monday Morning QB, University of New Hampshire TE Scott Sicko did a 180, and decided to join the Dallas Cowboys.(according to Fox Sports Alex Marvez)

This of course, is my favorite line of King's Column.

"It's been a long process in football," said Sicko,"and it was all fun. This is going to be fun too.''

It's nice, in the midst of a weekend when football seems more important than breathing to some, that we have a different kind of role model for our kids. I hope they read everything Scott Sicko just said here.

I don't begrudge the kid for changing his mind (I had him as one of my draft day sleepers), but after such a public explanation of why he didn't want to play, I'm surprised he changed his mind. Regardless, Scott Sicko might have just got endorsements with Wrangler Jeans and Sears as Brett Favre's sidekick.



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