Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Awards...On Thursday

Player of the Week: Me on a Craps table. I successfully made some bank for myself and others in two days of Craps dominance. Honorable Mention goes to co-host Javier Gorriti. He was dropping dice like it was job as well, including boxcars to keep the luck alive.

Coach of the Week: Tom Izzo. Talk about a man that just gets it done. His 6th trip in 12 years is just remarkable. Talk about a guy who doesn’t get the respect he deserves. Izzo will go down as one of the greatest coaches of all-time.

Team of the Week: Butler. How about Team of 2010? The Bulldogs have yet to lose in this calendar year, and now fins themselves with a real possibility to win the National Championship.

Play of the Week: Flip Murray Trying too hard.
Unfortunately for Flip this crazy shot was after the buzzer.

Goat(s) of the Week: The NCAA. The organization that has simply done nothing to help college football, is now trying to ruin college basketball by expanding the tournament to 96 teams. This is a simple money grab by the NCAA, as well as potentially moving all the games to ESPN for a better TV deal. Has there been expansion before? Yes…but mainly from conference expansion…this is simply a money move. Hopefully this will alert more people to the corrupt organization that is the NCAA.

Vindication of the Week: Truck Bryant’s injury doesn’t derail WVU. Even though ESPN would like to tell you otherwise, the injury to Truck Bryant meant very little. Sure, it hurt when it came to depth, but the Mountaineers have been just fine without his poor shooting and high turnover rate. I’m shocked Doug Gottlieb was wrong again...D-Bag.

Website of the Week:
Check out what Jonah Keri and the rest are doing over at Bloomberg Sports. A lot of cool fantasy baseball tools to help you out this year.

Technology of the Week: Badass Gaming Vest. A vest that makes you feel pain while gaming? Oh hell yes.

Game(s) of the Week: Well a few actually. The Final Four on Saturday, and of course the Opening Day for Major League Baseball. What a time for sports.



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