Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Awards

Player of the Week: Lionel Messi. This guy is simply sick. He dumped in four goals in a Champions League game against one of the world’s finest teams. Watch out for Argentina in this year’s World Cup.

Team of the Week: Butler. Sorry Duke, but what we will remember from this year’s tournament was the run by a team that was well coached, and put out the effort of 15 teams combined. They were also inches away of one of the greatest wins in the history of sport.

Coach of the Week: Mike Krzyzewski. In a world of “Me First” coaches, Duke’s head man does a perfect job balancing his ego with winning. His fourth championship may have been his most impressive. It wasn’t the most talented of teams, but a tough, driven squad that brought the hardware back to Durham. Love him or hate him, Coach K is one of the best.

Good Dude of the Week: Bobby Huggins. Say what you want about the man, but never question his love for his players. He would take a bazooka to the chest for any of those guys. So, when star Da’Sean Butler went down with a torn knee it wasn’t surprising to see Huggs off the bench to defend and console his player.

Goat(s) of the Week: Me. I apparently didn’t invite enough people to my Bachelor Party (sorry Matty). Don’t worry, you will all be invited to the next one (little do they all know I’m not going to have another one bwahahaha)

Play of the Week: Mark Buehrle’s Web Gem. Hey kids, this is how you don’t give up on a ball. By the way, I hope ESPN doesn’t sue me for using the term Web Gem.

Website of the Week: Play for real or play for fun, but man is that site addicting as @#$%.

Technology of the Week: 3D Handhelds. Nintendo+3D=Heaven

Upcoming Game(s) of the Week: The Masters. Jim Nantz finally gets back home to Butler Cabin where he shines the most.



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