Monday, May 24, 2010

Morning Morning Links

Red Sox:

No Happy Halladays for the Phillies!! Red Sox take down Halladay and the Phillies 8-3 on Philly..

Jason Varitek won't be Dice K's personal catcher..

Mike Cameron close  to returning to the Sox.

Pregame notes.

Dice K hasn't been as bad then many people think... Check out these stats.


More reaction to the Rondo Hustle Play!! One of the best plays in Celtic history.

More  reaction  from the Boston Bloodbath known as game 3! 

Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy on the Celtic Magic series thus far.


The Patriots front office must have been going nuts watching this...Wes Welker breaking it down  at the Garden last night. Possibly a good sign about his knee?

We have all wondered this for some time now, and here it is. Forbes Magazine lists the top 10 highest paid coaches and look who is 2nd on the list, no other then  Bill Belichick.

Sea Dogs:

Read about Mike Cameron's walk off and the recap of the Sea Dogs win over the Trenton Thunder here... 

High School:

Visit for all your high school scores and highlights. 



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