Friday, June 18, 2010

Ron Artest Crazy Wins Championships

Last night I stayed up to watch the Boston Celtics… lose. It’s no secret that I’m a fair weather basketball fan. I only watch when the Celtics are in the playoffs. Even then, most nights I go bed by the half. Last night, though, I had to stay up. Because the Celtics were obviously going to win.


As was common all season, they blew it in the fourth. Some think that the Celts played hard and gave it their all, others think they pissed away the chance at another championship.

As for my glorious opinion, I think they gave it their all. The Lakers earned that win. They outplayed the Celtics, they outshot the Celtics, and they were more aggressive than the Celtics. More importantly, they out crazied the Celtics. I mean, come on. Did you hear Ron Artest after the game? The man thanked his shrink.

I have a theory that you can’t beat crazy. This series was all about proving that. Get the drool and Pixar character comparisons going, and you’re going to win the game. Bulge your eyes a bit more than normal, you’re going to win the game. Be Ron Artest crazy, you’re going to win the game.

I’ll leave you with Ron Artest’s post-game interview because just watching that is enough to amuse you for the rest of the day.

Samantha Lewis is a conference production assistant by day and a sports blogger by night. Seeing Ron Artest makes her feel better about her own wiring. You can read more from Samantha at Beantown Athletic Supporters and follow her on Twitter here.



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