Thursday, July 29, 2010

"E-Mail of the Day"-Solving All The Red Sox Problems

The E-Mailer will remain anonymous, but I will keep the e-mail's original format (with typos). Enjoy.

I have not heard anyone think of this as an idea at all and neither I or god knows why. Prince Fielder is the power bat the redsox need. This is could work great for this team. Kevin Youkilis's natural position is 3rd base we move him back there. Adrian Beltre is a great3rd baseman but i've seen a ton of shortstops become 3rd baseman why not move this guy over to short for the remainder of the season. So possible infield could be Prince, Kevin, Adrian, Victor, and Dustin.

The starting 5 is more stacked then it even has to be the bullpen is weak please for the love of god get Manny Delcarmen off this team. You have a 5th starter in Dice-K that likes to throw everyday has a number of different pitches to get people out that would just be dominant in a 5th, 6th, 7th, inning setup roll leading to bard and Pap. You go with Bucholtz, Lester, Lackey, and Beckett then you got wake or one of multiple young propects that could fill a 5th spot in a rotation. Lets face it the 5th spot isn't suppost to be any teams strength. I don't know what needs to be packaged in the deal for Prince but I bet we could do this with prospects and draft picks. This would pay dividends. You want a championship make me GM one day i'll get us to the promise land. This is what I was thinking the new redsox lineup would and could be by the end of August.

1. Jacoby Ellsbury
2. Dustin Pedroia
3. Victor Martinez
4. Prince Fielder
5. Kevin YoukKKKKK
6. David Ortiz
7. Adian Beltre
8. Mike Cameron
9. Jeremy Hermida



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