Friday, July 16, 2010

The "Holy God is Matty Tired" Links

Matty's View from the State Street Pavilion Seats at Fenway Last Night

2 and a half hours of sleep later....

Red Sox
The second half for the Sox got off to a rousing start last night, as the Texas Rangers brought out their Boom Sticks and knocked Tim Wakefield out early.

Good news for V-Mart.

Manny DC and Jeremy Hermida played for the Sea Dogs last night, check out the result at Hadlock Headlines.

Dan Duquette has opened the Clemens PED Pandora again.

The Red Sox may be laying low at the trade deadline this year to save Luxury Tax money.

Paul Pierce on the remaining free agent market: It's slim pickings out there. (made even slimmer when you use the entire MLE on Jermaine O'Neal) He was in town to officially sign his contract extension.

Celtics Minority Owner Joe Lacob is going to be part of the new ownership group of the Golden St. Warriors, and will have to sell his stake in the Celtics.

Ian Rapoport has an update on the Logan Mankins situation.

Randy Moss has a new agent.


Unknown said...

Was there supposed to be a picture? Or should be imagine what the view looked like.

MattyMSM said...

We wanted you to use your imagination. Thanks for letting us know, it is now fixed.


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