Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Kiss Your Baby Day" Links

They make the magic happen...

The Orioles continued their 2010 mastery of the Red Sox.

Jeremy Hermida, we hardly knew ye.

Manny Delcarmen, enjoy Colorado.

Josh Reddick is waiting for the call.

John Tomase's headlines is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong.

Leigh Bodden is on IR with a rotator cuff issue. Cue the minions of Patriot Nation whining about the secondary, without realizing that without a pass rush the secondary is doomed anyways.

The Pats had a very "back-to-basics" style yesterday.

Brian Hoyer is clamping down the backup qb position.

Every other bit of Pats news you need courtesy of the Rap Sheet.

Today's trivia question for a spot in the Big Jab Weekend Warm-Up Fantasy Football League and a chance to win tickets on the Big Jab bus to Patriots/Dolphins on January 2nd. Be the first to e-mail Matty with the correct answer and you're in. (just click on where it says "E-Mail Matty") Yesterday's answer was Jeff Carlson and Scott Lockwood, and listener Tom, who's a Chargers Fan, made it in first. Today's question:

In 1993, the Patriots won their last 4 games, capped off with an overtime thriller to knock the Dolphins out of the playoffs (33-27). Drew Bledsoe threw the game-winning touchdown pass. Who caught it, and how many yards was it?



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