Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thoughts on Fall, Football, and Favre

Internet, Fall is upon us! This means no more long, hot rides home from work, comfortable temperatures, and long sleeved shirts! It also means that I've had a death cold for over a week now, but I'm willing to embrace that because...


It's no secret that I've been kind of "meh" on sports lately. My boyfriend was even concerned that I had stopped caring at all. To be honest, I was even getting concerned. But last night, after the Boyfriend left me alone with my TV, the remote, and the season opener between the Saints and the Vikings, I DIDN'T CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

Or play solitaire.

This is big news. Not only has my love for sports been renewed, but we're headed into the two most exciting seasons of all: football and hockey. Saying that makes me quiver a little bit. Hell, even basketball is going to be a blast this year.

The point is that now I can feel a little less guilt for not giving the Red Sox any attention.

Of course, with football season also comes Brett Favre. You guys, I HATE Brett Favre. I know that many of you have a soft spot for this goon, but it's important that you understand that I am 23 years old. When Favre retired from the Packers, I was 20. The first time Favre led the Packers to the playoffs, I was like 6. When he won the Super Bowl, I was 10. Are you getting the point? Let me spell it out for you: Brett Favre was not a Ken doll or a My Little Pony. I did not give a shit.

So you see, by the time I started caring about football, Favre was an old, retiring football player. Had he stayed retired, I would probably be all, "Oh. Good ole' Brett Favre. He was quite the QB!" But now I'm all, "Seriously? This old shit is back AGAIN? His teammates flew down to get him?! HIS EYES ARE AS DRY AS POTATO CHIPS?!"

No really. And I quote: "I mean, all morning they have been as dry and brittle as a couple of potato chips," Favre said. "I've been dealing with this lately. I've tried a few things, but nothing has worked. So, we're going to get them checked out. Now, I can still see good."

Right. Potato chips.

Is anyone else feeling like Favre isn't going to make it through this season? He stunk last night against the Saints. He has something wrong with his ankle. His eyes are evidently "as dry as potato chips." He didn't know if he wanted to come back this year because of the emotional toll that losing has on his fragile psyche. That doesn't spell a winning season to me.

Favre has an arsenal of excuses should he want to peace out early. He came back this year because he said he had "unfinished business." I think he should start learning how to accept that the business is going to remain unfinished.

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A Dog's Opinion said...

I am so with you on Farve. He stunk last night and for five years before he left the Packers. He is destined to fail this year. I only hope his last pass is an interception as he is the King of interceptions.


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