Monday, October 04, 2010

The new co host of Out of Bounds is...

Well as may of you know who live in the Farmington Area, listen to  the Big Jab, or if you are just into sports generally,  you know about the weekly show Out of Bounds with yours truly...Well I can't do it alone anymore..
 So I looked and looked for someone who has the right fit, has a load of passion for everything sports, and someone who knows how to get after it, and if you know this boy you what I am talking about.

I am proud to announce that the newest member of Out Of Bounds, and  who will be blasting across the Western Maine Air Waves and online across the world wide web is the one, the only Gorham product Andrew "Meat" Dean.

The starting PG on  the NAC champions Farmington Beavers will be giving you his view on sports, and probably a lot of other things that are on his mind, along with myself every Tuesday 2-4 PM.

This should be a very very interesting time with great guests, great interaction, but still, it is all up to you the listener. Give us a shout at 778-7353 and give us thoughts, comments, and whatever else may be on your mind.

The most entertaining, very very interesting and could be  disturbing at times will be starting up tomorrow.



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