Sunday, October 17, 2010

NFL Plays: Teaser? I Hardly Knew Her!

It's one of those weeks where not a single 1 PM game makes me want to bet it on it's own, but adding the 6 points either way makes it a little more attractive. So for a limited risk, let's go with an 8 team teaser (TEASER??) for the 1 pm games.

6 Point Teaser
1 Miami at Green Bay (Over/Under)
Under + 50.0 Teaser Open
2 Miami at Green Bay
Miami + 9.5 Teaser Open
3 Seattle at Chicago
Chicago - 0.5 Teaser Open
4 Detroit at New York Giants (Over/Under)
Under + 52.0 Teaser Open
5 Detroit at New York Giants
New York Giants - 4.0 Teaser Open
6 New Orleans at Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay + 11.5 Teaser Open
7 Baltimore at New England (Over/Under)
Over + 39.0 Teaser Open
8 San Diego at St. Louis (Over/Under)
Over + 39.0 Teaser Open

My Single Play is at 4:05 PM:
Denver +3.5 over the New York Jets.

(all plays are made strictly for entertainment only. No houses were mortgaged)



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