Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Official Odds for the Big Jab Caller Hall of Fame

Well here's the odds on the Big Jab Hall of Fame Voting.

1. Angry Al 6/5
He's the favorite. Everyone seems to love him, and he doesn't split the audience between love and hate.

2. Erroneous Eric 9/2
The second choice, who many people dislike but realize he's a vital component to the show. He also got his nickname from Frank Fixaris, which has to mean something. He also started the "bet with Shoe" craze when he had to stand in Monument Square in his Spongebob boxers.

3. Dr. Kronus 10-1
He's a long shot, as many people feel a little weird about enjoying his calls. He does bring solid nudity to the show, which is something.

4. The Ax (TM) 20-1
Not alot of love foe "Maine's Biggest Yankees Fan", who also happens to sell cars. He does, however, do alot of things for local charities, and maybe Yankees fans can band together to get him voted in?


Anonymous said...

I agree with these odds. Where do we make these bets at?

Unknown said...

I had to go w/ Kronus. His Russian hockey game urial story sealed the deal for me.


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