Monday, October 11, 2010

This week on Out of Bounds

Well hello everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed there long Holiday weekend for those who did not have to work today, and well who didn't have Monday off,  I hope you had a nice weekend as well.

Well this week on Out of Bounds; We will be having UMF Women's soccer player Jen Ritcher in our UMF spotlight and Ian Rapoport from the Boston Herald to talk some Pats . Also, Deano's three grills of the week (which should be very interesting), all your NFL Picks and more....

That is with Mike "Maddog" Mitchell and Andrew "Meat" Dean on 91.5 WUMF or listen all across the world wide web HERE.....

If you have a pulse of sports, you will give us  a call at 778-7353..



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