Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Formerly Known as KYBD: Jesse Orosco in the Red Sox Bullpen?

KYBD= Kiss Your Baby Day (Remember those days?)

Thought last night's Bruins OT win was huge, although I have to ask, how in the hell did the official miss the Seidenberg goal call at the end of the game? Could you IMAGINE if there was no replay in the NHL? What the hell is the guy in the goal booth there for if his word isn't final? Is he just supposed to flash the light and sound the horn?


At this point I wonder what's next for the Red Sox. There is the occasional post about Carl Crawford, and there is talk about a smorgasboard of relievers (not Jesse Orosco, however), but does anyone believe that the Red Sox are going to dig deep for Crawford? I mean, they could (I think they should) but with Mike Cameron, Jacoby Ellsbury, JD Drew, and Ryan Kalish available for the outfield positions, do you think they will? I have my doubts (Carlos Beltran, yick) that they make another big splash in the off-season, and I wouldn't be surprised if they hold onto some payroll flexibility so that the Red Sox media can spin that they have "room to make a move at the trade deadline" throughout April, May, June, and July.


It's Wednesday, so it's time to wipe off the afterglow of the Jets ass-kicking and look ahead to the Bears, who are not a bad team. Also, there is the old "teams coming off of the big Monday night win losing the following Sunday" mind-set. Here's why I don't think that holds water here.

1. Bill Belichick > Mike Martz
You don't think Belichick already has a plan to fluster Jay Cutler and the "offensive mastermind"?

2. Patriots not affected by the weather
While many teams would roll into Chicago frozen solid, the Pats are used to it already. I know it sounds simplistic, but after the blustery winds of Monday night, is Chicago going to be that big of a freeze box?

3. Brady
There is nothing the Bears defense can do scheme wise that Brady hasn't seen before.

With that said, I have one BIG worry in this game: Julius Peppers.

Matt Light has been having a tough time this season (like Monday night for example). Does anyone think it's possible that Peppers is a one man wrecking crew Sunday and puts the Hair Master on his ass a few times? The Pats have to get the running game going in this one, or maybe have Crumpler on Peppers side for help to keep him from being in Tom Terrific's grill.

So what's the headline going to be Monday morning:

"Beary good win for Patriots"

"Brady gets Peppered"

YOU make the call!

Matt Boutwell is the publisher of the Maine Sports Network and co-host of the Weekend Warm-Up, which you can hear on 96.3 FM Saturday mornings in Portland, Maine. He's VERY punctual.



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