Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cheverus stays unbeaten, takes care of Thornton.




mandb97 said...

Guys, I want to thank you, WCSH and MBR for putting on the Cheverus vs. Thornton Acadamy basketball game last night. It was great coverage. I did notice a couple of disturbing trends though. It seems like the quality of basketball has declined significantly since even when I was in high school many, many years ago. I think part of the reason is the proliferation multi-sport athletes that may not concentrate on one sport. The other reason unfortunately is as old as time and seems to be even worse now and that is officiating.

I know being an official is a labor of love and some of the abuse taken from parents and others makes you wonder why anyone would consider being an official to begin with. That being said if you are going to do it, shouldn't you be at least adequate at it. Last nights game was a great example of how the officiating can effect the quality of the game. It seems like officials were blowing the whistle when they should not and not blowing it when they should. A couple of examples were when a Cheverus player was called for traveling when driving to the hoop after a beautiful pass. It was a horrible call. Another example was when a Thornton player was tackled in the paint by two Cheverus players but the whistle was swallowed inexplicably. Another issue is once the whistles start going they don't stop. Any flow is gone and players are not sure what to do. I think it affects shooting and play calling. I'm not sure if there are any clinics for the officials. If there are not, there needs to be. If there is, there needs to be significant improvement.


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