Sunday, May 13, 2012

MSM: The @BrianAdExec Cold Case File Heats up Considerably UPDATED

Remember this? Way back in 2009, Twitter was a new and unique thing to many sports fans. It was (and still is) a virtual for sports bar to talk to people watching the game, exchange analysis, whatever. When I joined Twitter in 2009, right around the baseball season, there were a group of regulars who tweeted about the Red Sox (being a sports talk radio host, it was part of my job description to watch them). One of these Tweeters was named @BrianAdExec. Had a back story. Grew up in Boston with three sisters in an Irish household. Tweeted of his issues with MLB TV. Once sent one of my Twitter friends a Caroline Herring album via ITunes. Nothing too shady. Nothing out of the ordinary. Then one day, in October of 2009, October 8th to be precise, he stopped Tweeting. Completely. His last tweet:

Not a single tweet has been posted since that day. Concerned Twitter friends asked online if any knew what had happened. His email,, showed up on some consumer website claiming to be a scam. One Twitter friend e-mailed a friend of Brian's, and came up with nothing for information. Three years passed, and Twitter, in it's infinite wisdom, put BrianAdExec on my list of people I should follow. So I Tweeted it out. A couple of people asked about him. After coming home from a long day of Mother's Day activities, I took the Twitter avatar and ran it through a Google Image Search. That brought me here:

Keep in mind this is not the first investigation of what happened to BrianAdExec. One Twitterer actually called in a favor to a PI and the PI came back after a couple of days to say the person was non-existent.

So: Is @BrianAdExec really comedian @AviLiberman (who has not yet responded to tweets or emails)?

Was someone named Brian McGrath using Liberman's photos to conceal his identity?

I will post any updates as they become available. The moral here: remember, the person you are talking to on social media might not be the person you think you are talking to.

Comedian Avi Liberman responded to an e-mail whether or not this was him:

"That's not me nor do I know who that is. Creepy!!!"

The beat goes on...


Krisi Allen said...

I've followed this story only peripherally for the past few years. I followed/was followed by @BrianAdExec, but I'm not a huge Red Sox fan and never interacted with him, to the best of my recollection. But it occurred to me tonight that we have a person (presumably a dude) who steals a picture and possibly a name and tweets with it for a while. For whatever reason, he stops abruptly... This same person may very easily be someone else that especially you Red Sox fans tweet with regularly! Just a thought in keeping with the moral of your story...


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