Tuesday, September 06, 2005

But Honey It's College Football Opening Weekend....

Sorry it's been so long between posts (for those of you that read us, please feel free to comment, lol), but between getting married, going on the honeymoon and everything else involved with travelling, getting the kids taken care of, the dog taken care of, I haven't been on the computer much other than to place bets and hit the Statfox Forums. But anyways, back to why we are here....

College football was pretty profitable for me this weekend, but my record sucked, mainly because I deviated from my system. I just want to kick myself in the ass for it, too, because using the system Iowa, Kentucky, Clemson and SD State would have been play on's, but instead of going 3-1, I went 0-3(I layed off Iowa). Grrr. Wins from this weekend...

Notre Dame/Pitt over 52 Half Unit
Georgia -8 1 Unit
Va Tech money Line -170 1 Unit
Fla St +3.5 8 units

If Bets
Tex Am -2 1/2
Florida -24 2 units

Louisville -23
West Virginia +2 1.5 Units

Memphis -3
New Mexico 1.5 Units

Straight Bets
Penn ST -23 .5 Unit

SD State + 91/2 1 Unit

Total Wins 10.5 Units
Total Losses 6.5 Units

Total Loss/Gain 4 Units

Not Bad, but frankly I don't want to be sweating the last game of the weekend every week to make a profit or not. A big shout out to the Miami Special teams for being completely horrid and allowing me to overcome a terrible QB (Bobby, note to you, Xavier Lee can run and throw, Weatherford can do neither, you do the math) and the FSU Defense for delivering 9 sacks and a small heart attack to me as they forgot the tight end was an eligible receiver on the last Miami series. Mike Martz must have been proud at the clock management on both sides (neither team had a timeout with 5 minutes left in either the second or fourth quarters, in fact Miami burned all their second half TO's with 8:46 left..in the THIRD QUARTER!!!!!). Oh well, a win, is a win, is a win...

Had a very nice honeymoon in Ogunquit. For those of you in Maine, you know what the prevailing theme is in Ogunquit (Rainbow Brite anyone?), but I had a good time nonetheless. Lobster eggs benedict for breakfast equals a good time. Don't ever forget that.

With only baseball on the docket tonight, I have no I dea what I am going to do this evening. I really want to take the Giants with Bonds returning tonight, but do I really want to bet on Brett Tomko? I am leaning towards the Angels and Lackey against a Sox team with Wakefield starting with no humidity in the forecast (this is the time of year the knuckleball doesn't knuckle much) and also towards Pedro and the Mets against John Smoltz, who recently hasn't been getting much run support and hasn't been pitching all that hot. I will take Pedro with even money any time I can get him.

That's all for now kids. 1-800-HELP-NOW. Even though the waters are receding, the real disaster lies under that water....



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