Wednesday, August 31, 2005

That Might Be Ok For Everyone Else, but Not For Matt Boutwell....

As Matt Boutwelll sits and reads the comments of Milton Bradley, he can't help but laugh. "'We all joke about race in here. But there are things said off the cuff that I don't interpret as being funny. They are funny to him and Jeff Foxworthy, but not to Milton Bradley." Milton Bradley, talking about himself in the third person. How the hell do you that? Your Milton F'N Bradley, and your not even the famous Milton Bradley, your the Infamous Milton Bradley(the other Bradley is more famous for creating Monopoly, but that is neither here nor there)! This is the same Milton Bradley who threw things at fans, gotten jailed for road rage and got exiled from the Indians for not running out a fly ball. Amazingly, this all started because Bradley didn't score on a Jeff Kent double. Huh, seems to be a history of Milton dogging it, eh? Seems like Milton Bradley needs to remember why Milton Bradley gets paid to play a game, and it's not because of his clubhouse leadership and warm and fuzzy demeanor.

College football season is upon us, and Matt Boutwell's pick for national champion is.......
USC? No, Too easy
Florida St? Don't you need a quarterback?
Ohio ST? No thanks.

The Louisville Cardinals! Why you ask?

at Kentucky
3:30 PM

Oregon St
12:00 PM

at S Florida



at W Virginia

at Cincy
7:00 PM

#23 Pittsburgh
7:30 PM

8:00 PM


at UConn

Do you see a loss in there anywhere? Possibly tough road games with Pitt and Cincy, but that's it. Matty doesn't see Wannstedt outcoaching Petrino at any point. So if the USC's, VA Tech's, UT's, Texas's, Michigan's and Ohio ST's are all beating up on one another getting a loss, how will undefeated Louisville not get to the National Title game? They now get the Auto BCS bid from being in the Big East, they are it folks. Brian Brohm is going to break some Big East passing records this year, folks. Before someone goes all USC on me, they are due to lose a game. Cal has a shot this year, Arizona ST gets them at home, Notre Dame gets them at home, and Oregon gets them at home. Those are not easy road games by any means. Charlie Weis will have the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish ready to play in every game this year, Arizona ST is money at home, Oregon is money at home, and Cal seems to have USC's number, going 2-0 ATS vs USC the last 2 years, w/ one straight up win in there, too. So don't print up those USC 3-Peat t-shirts quite yet...

Matty is all done for now... he might have some more things to spout off about later.

Nice to write a column in the third person, not only is it refreshing, it also makes me forget the Yanks signed Mark Bellhorn. Matty can't deal with



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