Monday, September 12, 2005

Week One NFL and Week 2 NCAA Recap

What a weekend!!! I have never started an NFL season better than I did this weekend. Other than the Titans getting pasted in Pitt and Arizona ST being caught up in the Katrina karma I was perfect. How cool is that!? I finally did what I always say I am going to do in week one, and that's bet on this year, not last year.


Marshall +8 1/2 Win
Navy +3 Push
SMU +15 Win
Wyoming -21 Win
AZ ST - 1 1/2 Loss
Minnesota -12 1/2 Win
Tex Tech -34 1/2 Win

Tenn +7 Loss
Cin undr 45 Win
Buf Undr 37.5 Win
New Orleans +7 Win
NYG -3 Win
Indy -3 Win

Now I am at a loss for tonight. I am taking Philly, but I hate taking a team that everyone else is taking, especiall when they are on the road. Hope I don't get bitten in the ass by that.

Great job by Charlie Weis. Fat men unite!!!! Nice pitching yesterday by the Big Unit, it was nice of him to show up in September. However, we have all at one point or another thought that he had strraightened himself out and then had a horrid start in his next turn. i hope that's not the case this time, because Cleveland isn't going away. Although if Cleveland keeps on picking up on Chicago and the ChiSox continue their horrid play, the Tribe may take the division.

Nice coaching jobs by the Mike's yesterday (Shanahan, Tice, Martz and Sherman) I can't put Nolan in that class yet because he seems to know what he is doing. Plummer looks awful, Culpepper looks lost, Steven Jackson looks tentative and Green Bay looks like they are going to be playing for the number one pick in next year's draft. Maybe this time they can draft some defense or offensive line help? just a thought. I think Favre might have hung around one year too long.....

That's all for now. Will Terrell Owens pull out a banner asking to be traded to Atlanta tonight? Stay tuned....



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