Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bullet Dodged, an Excerpt from a little project I am working on.

October 16, 2003 was quite a day. I thought, for a few fleeting moments (OK, like 2 hours) that that was going to be the day the Boston Red Sox finally knocked off the Yankees in an elimination game. I thought all that karma that was due from Bucky Dent was finally coming back around. My cell phone was ringing off the hook with messages from my friends, all card carrying members of Red Sox Nation, and every single one of them willing to make a deal with the devil to see the Red Sox hold up that elusive World Series Trophy for the first time in 85 years. The messages ranged from "Your day has come, traitor!" to "I don't know what your worried about you know we will be blow it somehow." Needless to say by the 8th inning my voicemail was full and I had no reason to pick that phone up.

Pedro Martinez, the resident Red Sox ace and clubhouse diva, was cruising going along into the 8th. I remember saying to my friend Jason "They better leave Pedro in. There is noone in that pen that gives them a better shot to win and this is the type of game that makes a pitcher like Pedro a legend." Grady Little was obviously thinking the same thing, because with one out, Petey ran into trouble. Derek Jeter, the latest in a line of clutch Yankees ranging from Joe DiMaggio to Reggie Jackson (with a little help from Jeffrey Maier and Jeremy Giambi), doubled and scored on Bernie Williams' baseknock. Hideki Matsui hit a ground rule double and ol' Grady (aka Slingblade) walked out to the mound. It looked like the ace was about to be folded. Inexplicably, Grady left the mound, and Pedro still had the ball. The rest they say, is history. Jorge Posada looped a single into center in front of Johnny Damon to tie the score at 5, which of course set up Aaron Boone's moment in the sun. All I could bring myself to say was "Dodged that bullet!". Little did I know I was going to get mortally wounded (sports-wise of course) less than 365 days later.

Anyways, like I said that's just a little something I am working on, basically a tale from behind enemy lines. On to tonight's news and notes.

Memo to Donovan McNabb-you were not drafted into this league because of your ability as a drop back passer. You CAN RUN!!!! Do it!!!! For the love of god run the ball when noone is open!!!!!! Now back to our regularly scheduled news and notes...

Thanks to the New York Yankees for actually showing up tonight in Tampa and playing the Devil Rays the way they should have been playing the Devil Rays all year. Here is hoping the bullpen woes continue for Boston and a 6 game losing steak is on the horizon, because I don't think we are catching Cleveland any time soon, unless of course the Chi Sox have a monumental collapse (which looks more and more possible every game that Cleveland picks up in the standings)

BTW, does every second tier drama have Heather Locklear on to guest star to save their ratings? There was only one Melrose Place people. (Who can forget Chris Farley's portrayal of Grant Show on Saturday Night Live?)

This just in ESPN's Pedro Gomez is saying that Barry Bonds crapped baby green this morning and it might have to do with playing last night. More on this story as it develops...

Johnny Damon is having shoulder trouble. Maybe if he took care of himself like Manny Ramirez Red Sox Nation wouldn't be as worried right now, lol....

Glad to see Peter Gammons is still a Red Sox fan as he picks David Ortiz for MVP. Harold Reynolds of course took A-Rod. Look, I am as about as unbiased a Yanks Fan as there is in the world, and I just can't give the MVP to a DH. Travis Hafner gets shutout because of that, so does Ortiz. A_Rod is tearing it up in all aspects of the game, and to stand out on a lineup like the Yanks says something. Anyone who sets the single season homerun record for Yankee right-handers deserves the MVP. Imagine if he played at Fenway? Good lord...

Updating a previous story, that baby green crap was not from Barry Bonds, but was from Matty's son Brayden. Unknown if Brayden has tested positive for the "juice", although what do they put in that formula nowadays?

That's all for tonight, I will go over NL MVP next time, and maybe even throw in a little excerpt form my project. Feel free to comment!!! Til Next time...I'm Matty and your not... lol....



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