Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Broken Wang

First off, let me be the first to say "I told you!". I knew starting Wang was a mistake, even though most of what Joe Torre touches turns to gold. He pitched the EXACT same game he pitched last Friday night in Boston, and the score was the same and the result was the same. He is not quite there yet. Yes he was betrayed by an A_Rod error and his own error, but that can't be held accountable here. Chacon should have pitched last night, because he could have matched Lackey pitch for pitch and inning for inning. The guy started game 7 of the 02 Series as a rookie for god's sakes, this game was old hat to him. With an off day today, I can only hope the Yankees find their bats at home and give Big Unit some run support, because a Chicago-Anaheim ALCS is not very appealing to anyone.

Torre gets the ball from Wang

Next, Sox Fans can stop there "Let's shoot Tony Graffanino" thoughts. David wells is to blame for that. You don't throw back to back curve balls to a Japanese hitter ever!!!! Iguchi and Ichiro and guys like that make their money hitting breaking balls, and when you a throw a curve at the same velocity in the same spot twice in a row the second is going over the fence 9 times out of 10. The Red Sox find themselves with their backs against the wall once again, but this time I think the hands around their throat might be too tight to break free from.

Graffanino picks up the ball that went through the wickets

Takin the Braves and Padres today. This Smoltz/Clemens matchup will be a classic. I hope. If the thing turns into an 11-7 shootout I will be sick.

Welcome back NHL, we will dive into that tomorrow....



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