Wednesday, October 05, 2005

There's no Moose Hunting In Orange County!

I told you yesterday we would back here to discuss the Yankees Game One win and they didn't let me down. Robby Cano's 3 run double in the first proved to be all the Yanks needed in their 4-2 win last night. A few observations from last night's game...
Cano steals a hit from Figgins in last night's win

First off I think Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams hold almost every postseason hitting record there is at this point. You know there hasn't been a postseason with out Bernie Williams since 1993 and Jeter since 1995? High payroll or not that is just unreal! The Mets and Dodgers and Red Sox spend money every year and they didn't make the playoffs every year in that span.

Can we get a petition signed to get McCarver and Buck off Yankee broadcasts? Please!? If only Deion Sanders could come into the booth during every game McCarver calls and spray him down with Gatorade. That would be entertainment.

If Joe Torre isn't the best manager in the majors since Casey Stengel I don't know who is. His move to start Mussina last night now looks like pure genius. If this Wang move works out tonight and we have RJ going for the sweep on Friday life will be good. If Wang gets shelled tonight I will be the first to throw Torre under the bus, though, so don't think it's cake and ice cream yet. He has a long way to go to regain my faith after last year's ALCS collapse.

Red Sox looked great yesterday. Well, they looked good to me. I cannot wait to see the day that team loses. I can't wait to hear the Big Jab the next morning as all the Sox fans call in ready to jump off the bridge. I hope they all take their little Red Sox Nation cards and shove them directly up their own ass. I am really beginning to despise Red Sox Nation. There are a few Sox fans whose opinions I respect, most of them either my friends or people who post on the Big Jab Forums, but 85 percent of them are just morons who are more interested in bitching about whatever they can find (Johnny Damon's throwing arm, Terry Francona, Manny)than focusing on anything positive that goes on with their team. They talk about how the Yankees buY all their players, but look on that roster. You have ONE HOMEGROWN TALENT WHO HAS BEEN THERE HIS ENTIRE CAREER (Trot Nixon-Papelbon doesn't count yet and Youkilis doesn't play enough) and he is as overrated as they come, especially after all the smack he talked about A-Rod in spring training. The Yankees have Bernie Williams, Posada, Cano (An ROY candidate,which the Sox haven't had in a quite some time) and Rivera. That my friends is the reason why Theo doesn't want to trade his young players. You won a World Series last year, freakin RELAX!!!!
Sox Fans watching game one in disgust in Sudbury

Updated Divisional Playoff Predictions-
St Lou over SD in 4 games (No Peavy = no chance)
Hou over ATL in 5 games (Lidge is the diference)
NYY over ANA in a sweep
Chi over Boston in 5




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