Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Baseball Owners=Pure Genius

Aaaaahhh baseball owners. 2 Days after it is learned that the New York Yankees, who supposedly print their own money, lost around 50 million last year, the days of the Chan Ho Park contract are coming back Wouldn't you think they would be some type of financial restraint? You would think so, but NOOOOOOOOOOO. AJ Burnett, who has done nothing in his life except for have Peter Gammons praise him for having "No. 1 Stuff" and is now the front runner for the Darren Dreifort award as "Most Likely to Suck and/or get hurt After Singing a Lucrative Deal (Carl Pavano was the winner last year)just got 11 mill a year from the Blue Jays! The Blue Jays? The best two things about Toronto are that that is where Mike Myers is from and the Maple Leafs play there They payed 8 Mil a year for BJ Ryan, he of 42 career saves. The Mariners are going to give Kevin Freakin Millwood 11 mill a year. The Dodgers, who don't even have a MANAGER in place and have a decent shortstop in Cesar Izturis, throw 13 mill a year at Drunky Furcal? Am I missing something? Is there money coming in that we don't know about? I am at the point where I truly believe that Anaheim should allow the Rally Monkey to be their GM so he can win executive of the Year in 06. It would be cost effective and, hell, can he do any worse? You would think that these GM's would have the money to buy their own cars, not ride a short bus to work, but I guess I am mistaken. If you'll excuse, I am going to teach my 5 month old how to throw a knuckle ball. That must be worth 2 mil a year right?



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