Tuesday, December 13, 2005

You Get a Free Kick on a Fair Catch? No Way?!

Two Sunday's ago, I caught myself watching the ESPN pre game show. Kenny Mayne was doing his usual ridiculous segment, this time about the "Little Known Rule" that a team can take free kick after making a fair catch. This happened in the Titans game about three weeks ago. Fast forward to this past weekend. First game I saw this in...KC/Dallas. Phil Simms stated he had "never seen it done in person" and hopes to see it before he is done. They mentioned it in the Philly/NYG game when the overanalyzing beast that is Joe Buck brought it up before the half. Not to be outdone, Mike Patrick mentioned it in the Packers/Lions game. Either the producers all watched the same thing and made sure to put that caveat in the announcers ear or everyopne just magically "remembered the rule". What a bunch of crap. How Unoriginal can you possibly be? Honestly! Do your own damn research when your trying to keep me interested in Detroit/Green Bay, New Orleans/Atlanta etc. Maybe better matchups of teams would put the focus back on the field instead of a how good a punter Paul Maguire was and how positive Joe Theismann can be.

Moving on, I'd like to thank the Red Sox for actually taking the mess that was co-gm's in Baltimore, splashing in some "trading for overrated star players" like the Yanks did for 5 years, and giving us this new version of a front office. What's next, the intern from Harvard runs the team for a week just to get some experience? Theo gets brought in to deliver coffee? Good work guys. You are beyond lucky you brought a title to Beantown in 04, because the way this franchise is getting run now it might be a looooooooong time before they see one again.

Will someone PLEASE shut Anna Benson up? Is she aware that she isn't the pitcher? How does Doug Christie's wife feel about not being the biggest B*tch of athlete wives? Does she have to give Anna her golden broom now or will they make a new model? I hear Brenda Warner called to give Anna some tips on how to publicly embarass her husband, she is doing a great job!

I want an investigation on the Houston Texans immediately. That "missed kick" was a joke. I don't see kicks by college kids that were worse than that one that ended the game. Is this the 97 Spurs all over again? The 83/84 Rockets? I hope they somehow win a game before the "Reggie Bush Bowl" in January vs. San Fran. That might be the worst game in NFL history...

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