Friday, February 03, 2006

For the love of god just play the game....

I have hated the two weeks of Super Bowl hype since I was a kid. I remember trying to figure out what I was going to do on the weekend in between, somehow it ended up with either watching the Celtics or playing video games. It is such a sad week, all you hear is overanalysis of the championship games, and everyone wants to be the first one to make their pick. By the way, I think I heard somewhere that Jerome Bettis is from Detroit, can someone confirm that for me?

The other thing that kills me is all week the media complained that noone was talking. All of a sudden, Jeremy Stevens and Joey Porter start trash talking, and the media is complaining about it!!! Make up your mind!!!! I think I know why he got shot in the ass outside a club last year, he runs his mouth like their is no tomorrow. He looks like 50 Cent after a bee sting. He talks about being the guy you wawhen walking down a dark alley. He has spent 3 days talking trash about the tight end!!!!! LET IT GO!!!!!! There is no reason for the their to be two weeks between the championship games and the Super Bowl, it's too much. No wonder these guys get busted for getting hookers, they have too much time on their hands.

With that said, onto my game pick. I like Seattle in this game to win outright. They have a better offensive line, a more athletic defense, and, most importantly, a mobile quarterback that makes good decisions. Seattle 27-21. MVP-Joe Jurevicius or Lofa Tatupu. Best Prop - Kobe Bryant +8.5 point to score more than both teams combined. Take Kobe, he won't want to be over shadowed on the day of the Super Bowl. Remember he scored 81 the Sunday of the title games. That's all for now, I believe I am going to be dragged to Kittery this weekend so that I am able to have Sunday to do as I please (namely, play poker, drink beer, gamble on football games, and hope Mick Jagger stays clothed).



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