Friday, January 27, 2006

Mark Blount, Have A Safe Trip!!!

First off, sorry I have been absent from the blog. Last Thursday, my computer just went ballistic, Windows wouldn't start, all hell broke loose. After 5 calls to Dell Customer Support(which is based on in Bonglapore, India) I finally gave up and decided to fix it myself. After replacing the hard drive, buying Windows XP with service pack 2, drinking a lot more beer than normal, and telling my 7 month-old son "Play in your Exersaucer, daddy is almost done" only to discover the driver I downloaded didn't work. I was stuck with Windows millennium, a monitor with only 16 colors, and having to run a dial-up version of AOL 5.0. Finally, yesterday, I bought XP, installed it into my brand new hard drive, installed a new CD burner for good measure, formatted the other 2 hard drives I had in case of emergencies and finally was able to get onto the internet using my DSL. If you had the opportunity to walk by my living window and thought you saw a 275 pound guy trying to do a cartwheel in the living room, you were not having a bad reaction to prescription drugs, it was really happening.

Now, onto the fun stuff. After a year and half (which, btw, coincides with signing a 6 year $36 million-dollar deal) of watching Mark Blount suck the life out of the Boston Celtics, my childhood hero Kevin McHale (Minnesota T'Wolves GM) came to the rescue of the Celtics once again and completed a trade that gives the Wolves Ricky Davis and Mark Blount, while giving the Celtics Wally Szczerbiak (I spelled that without looking at his name) and Michael Olowokandi (cap relief). Life is good. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the 2005 version of Jon Koncak has left the TD Banknorth Garden. This guy was a bigger stiff then the guy who dies on the NY subway last week who was found after 6 hours of train riding. You knew what Blount was going to give you every game. 10 points, 2 rebounds, 5 turnovers and heartburn, which does not show up in any boxscore. He can only work from the left block, he constantly drops the ball, gets stripped of the ball, or trips over his own feet. His next post-up move will be his first. Outside of an ok outside jumper, he brings nothing to the table except for a name that makes you think about drug use. This is the best trade of the Danny Ainge era. Now, let's find a coach for this team who has a clue. Too bad Wally and the Kandi Man won't be playing against the Tru Warrior, Ron Artest, tonight. That would make for some Tommy Heinsohn TV comments. Have a great weekend, I am off to the casino to kill time before the Super Bowl.



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