Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Confessions of a Fantasy baseball addict....

Hello, my name is Matt, and I am addicted to fantasy baseball. Sometimes I find myself analyzing WHIP during a game, checking a Peter Gammons column to find out a player's OPS, and looking for drafts in the middle of the day when my sons are napping. I find myself traveling 25 miles to do a live draft in a stranger's house just because it's for money. I find myself watching spring training games looking for that ever elusive "sleeper" pick, the pick that makes you the winner and makes everyone in the draft say "Wow, that guy was a draft god"! I find myself rooting for players rather than teams. I find myself watching Red Sox games and hoping that Coco Crisp gets to steal a base or get a cheap RBI. I buy the MLB package just so I can keep an eye out for what's going on on the west coast. Every time I think I am going to stop, I find my self creating another Yahoo ID so I can get 4 more teams. I get up early so I can check my fantasy cheat sheets. I have certain highlighters for live drafts. I bring along bad magazines for other owners who aren't prepared to use, while I keep the best one for myself. I know who Josh Willingham, Mike Jacobs, and Fernando Rodney are. I create team names such as "Doc's 8-Ball" (reference to Doc Gooden's drug problems), "Viva Les Expos!", "Yaz Looks Up", and "Kevin Brown Sucks". I find myself talking crap during live drafts to people from all over country. I find myself defending picks to 13 year olds who are ditching school. I find myself rooting for guys like Yorvit Torrealba to win starting catching jobs in Colorado. I need help, but I refuse to seek it. It's spring time, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and there is a draft going on somewhere right now. I guess it's time for Yahoo ID # 5....



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