Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Get Bob Dylan Off my Radio!!!!

So here I am, getting ready to update the blog, listening to the XM radio in the house. I usually leave it on channel 175, which is MLB homeplate, where all they do is talk baseball 24/7. I usually listen to their replay of the Morning Show from 10-12 so I don't have to listen to Tony Bruno kiss some b-list celebrity's ass (Frank Calliendo being the ass-kissee today. He might sound like Jim Rome and John Madden, but that was the worst Al Pacino ever). Today, because XM is trying to remind people that the master of inaudible talking, Bob Dylan, has his own station, they have taken the last hour of "Baseball This Morning" and have played every cheesy baseball song for the last 60 years ("Hey Ozzie Smith",which they should put on repeat in Tony LaRussa's office; "Joltin Joe Dimaggio"; "Say Hey" for Willie Mays) for an hour!!! Glad I pay 12.95 for this....

Anyways, back from the tangent. Big win for the Yankees last night, as A-Rod finally hit a homerun that mattered and Johnny Damon got the BoSox monkey off his back. I was stunned Jaret Wright pitched well. That is definitely the highlight of his Yankee career so far. I can't believe I put that in print. If the Yankees manage to win this division with this pitching staff and Derek Jeter's numbers stay good, he should be the AL MVP this year. No doubt in my mind. He has played tremendous baseball this year, and has been the only consistent player on that team. So far this has been his best all around year, let's hope this trend continues (unless your Red Sox fan, in which case you are hoping Jeter becomes the latest addition to the Yankees DL).

Can someone please explain to me why everyone is STILL kissing the Colts ass? You would think with amount of publicity they have gotten this year that they won the Super Bowl last year. Before the draft, all I heard was that Joseph Addai, the Colts first round pick, would be a great third down back and should go in the second or third round. Once the almighty Colts drafted him, he became the best all-around running back in the draft and a steal late in the first round. What? Where did the 180 come from? What have the Colts done? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I have never seen a team get such credit for doing NOTHING. I can't wait to see this team go 10-6 next year and get blown out in the first round. Counting the hours to see the Peyton Manning "Who do I blame for this playoff failure" Face.

Hats off to the NBA's Western Conference for keeping me awake at night. What good basketball. Players making free throws and jumpers, passing the ball, running up and down the court. Oh and thank you Dallas for taking out the Spurs, now I don't have to see any more of Eva Longoria in the stands, Manu Ginobili flopping, and Tim Duncan whining and bitching with every foul call. If only Miami can take out the Pitsons and we might have a watchable finals. Think about it. Last years Finals went 7 games and it was the most boring 7 game series I have ever seen. I am hoping for better this year.

Go Edmonton! I wonder how much Janet Gretzky has on these guys?

Best wishes to Barbaro in his recovery. I have never been so melancholy about cashing a winning ticket in a horse race in my life.

Over/under on Randy Johnson's innings pitched tonight... 4. Gimme the under!

Dontrelle Willis prediction. He will not go to the Red Sox or Yankees. I think he goes to the Dodgers for a number of prospects. (At least I hope so, I just traded for him in one of my fantasy leagues).


Unknown said...

Any team willis goes to will make him a beter fantasy option. It certainly cant too much worse..

and your welcome



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