Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Boxed Trifectas, Fish and Chips, and Dogs Named After Alcohol

Picture it, 2 am in the morning, ass up, hugging a pillow...oops, wrong story. Sorry the blog has been tossed aside like last year's Christmas Toy. Part of it is my never-ending quest to be funny at all times, yet smart at the same time. Part of it has been taking of my new dog, taking care of my kids, and taking care of the horses I bet on. Some of it's from turning into a slight nerd and catching up on all the episodes of Doctor Who I have missed. I just could never find anything to good to write in the blog. I had funny things to say, but did I really want to write a whole blog entry about a comment I heard on Baseball Tonight? Not so much. However, I think I have a few things to comment on, so away we go...

Shawn Chacon is still "the Stopper", however he is only stopping his team from winning. He called himself "garbage" in an interview yesterday. Nice self-analysis.This Yankees staff may be the worst I have seen in years. All I know is (and yes I know, there is a lot of time left), but the Yankees Streak of 11 straight years making the post-season is in big trouble. I hope Brian Cashman can unearth some more pitching from somewhere, could Philip Hughes be on his way?

Listened to an interview with Jim Bowden a couple of days ago, and he has been having talks with 2 or 3 gm's now for about a week and a half. I would not be surprised to see the Nats make a trade by the All-Star Break. Soriano is gone with the recent news of Bowden being the team's gm for the future, Livan Hernandez is probably out the door as is Jose Guillen. Where will they go? What will they get? I am very interested in the trading deadline this year, I think there might be more action than we might be led to believe.

I have recently slowed down on my sports betting and have concentrated on horse racing. There are more races, more chances to make money and the investment isn't as costly most times. Besides, I find it easier to let a horse off the hook than I do a relief pitcher or a manager. I mean, geez, they are only animals...

I watched a CFL game from start to finish last week, and it was the single most entertaining game I have watched since the Rose Bowl. Great defensive plays, a last second field goal, loads of offense, I think I might start watching this more often.

The World Cup has to be rigged. I have never seen a spectacle as poorly officiated. Too many games were decided because of refs. I don't like that. It's tough to get behind a sport that not only hires referees that were suspended 4 years ago due to suspected fraud of matches (in other they were bought off) but never really tells you when the game is actually over. Stop the CLOCK!!!! Just once!!!!

Isiah Thomas needs to be put away. I don't know where to, but his latest draft and series of mishaps sets up the league's only walking comedy sow. the Knicks were an Eastern Conference power 10 years ago, now they are the 95 Clippers. That cannot be good for the league. In other news Ben Wallace and his fro are going to Chicago. It will be nice to see the Bulls among the league's elite again, if they can start a rivalry with Cleveland (and Boston, yay Boston!), the Eastern Conference may be watchable again. Here's hoping...

Well I am off to turn 28, til next time...



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