Thursday, October 19, 2006

October and Everything After

Yes, that's right, the blog has been updated! Give yourself a second and take a breath or two, calm down, count a little bit (Vun, AH-AH-AH), wait for it, wait for it, ok let's go!

I have all winter to talk about the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez starring Escape from New York. I have all winter to talk about their latest postseason failure, however, I have to say, the Tigers had the best ERA in the entire Major Leagues, and they are in the hitter friendly AL. They always say good pitching beats good hitting, was it really a total shock that the Tigers beat the Yankees and their paper thin pitching staff? In the preseason, I had my MLB final Four as Oakland, Detroit, Mets, and Giants, with the Mets beating Oakland to win it all(this was posted at, btw). I would say I was pretty damn close, wouldn't you?

It's official. I like college football more than the NFL. Not just by a nose either, but by a lot. For instance, two weeks ago I went Montreal for the weekend, but left Saturday night so I could catch some college games during the day. I watched ONE NFL game that weekend, and that was the Pitt/SD game in my hotel room on TSN. I just like the game more, I like rooting for the players more, I can have an allegiance and not worry about the salary cap, and more importantly, I can watch about 16 college games on Saturday for a quarter of the price I can watch the NFL Games for on Sunday Ticket. I really think Michigan is going to lose a game before they get to play the Buckeyes, but I also think they will ruin the Buckeyes perfect season, which will then cause massive controversy with the BCS. What if West Virginia and Boise ST are the only two unbeaten teams left? How can you place two unbeaten schools behind one loss schools? Yes, I know neither has the best shedule, but Boise plays all their conference games, they schedule Oregon ST every year, and they have built one hell of a program. West Virginia had an even easier schedule (outside of Louisville), but if they get through the Big East unbeaten, how can they not be number one? God there soooo needs to be a playoff system.



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