Monday, August 06, 2007

Manic Monday-8/06/2007

Tom Glavine got his 300 th win last night, in case you have been living under a rock. There is plenty of talk that he may be the last 300 game winner we see for a long time, or possibly ever, now that baseball has been "LaRussad" and most starters are considered a "Horse" if they make into the 7th. I wonder how this will affect the decision process for pitchers getting voted into the Hall of Fame.

The curse of the Mets 2nd basemen continues as Luis Castillo left last night's game with dizziness from the heat and had to be helped from the clubhouse. This doesn't seem to be too serious, unlike the rash of injures Mets second basemen have suffered since the beginning of last year. The (notable) Mets 2nd basemen since the WallyBackman-Tim Teufel platoon disbanded after the 1988 season include-
  • Gregg Jefferies
  • Keith Miller
  • Tommy Herr
  • Bill Pecota
  • Jeff Kent
  • Willie Randolph
  • Chico Walker
  • Fernando Vina
  • Edgardo Alfonzo
  • Jose Vizcaino
  • Carlos Baerga
  • Manny Alexander
  • Luis Lopez
  • Kurt Abbott
  • Joe McEwing
  • Desi Relaford
  • Roberto Alomar
  • Marco Scutaro
  • Danny Garcia
  • Jeff Keppinger
  • Ty Wigginton
  • Miguel Cairo
  • Marlon Anderson
  • Jose Reyes
  • Kaz Matsui
  • Chris Woodward
  • Damion Easley
  • Ruben Gotay
  • Luis Castillo

That is a pretty long list. Jose Reyes started to stay healthy once he left second base and Jeff Kent exploded once he left New York. Other than that it's a position filled with cast-offs, aging veterans, utility guys and bad free agent signings. I hope Castillo has a policy with Lloyd's of London.

Barry Bonds will break the homerun record tonight in the 1st or 3rd inning. Mark it down.

Watched the Hall of Fame game last night on NFLN. Bryant Gumbel is still doing play by play. Does anyone at NFL Network realize how BAD this guy is?

The Steelers looked sharp last night. It's not usually easy to change an offensive philosophy and see results in the first exhibition game, but the Steelers did. I wonder if this going to be like the 1995 and 2002 Steelers, who were content to air it out with Neil o'Donnell and Tommy Maddox, respectively.

The Detroit Tigers look like the wheels are about to fall of of their train. With a streaking Yankees club firing on all cylinders (albeit against weak competition) right now, a decent hot streak by the Indian could pull them away.

Kerry Wood looked as a good of shape as I have ever seen him. Perhaps he realized hard work could keep him healthy. Or he realized in order to make any more good money he has to become a dominant closer. I would not be surprised if he takes over the reins from Ryan Dempster before the end of the year.

Central Maine Fantasy Football has 5 more slots left open for the 2007 Fantasy Draft, which will be held live at my house or online via Yahoo Chat. Team Entry fee is $30 and the winner receives $200. Sign up at Central Maine Fantasy Football.

Also as most of you know I am also a football handicapper, with my college football system hitting at over 70% the past two seasons. I do not start using that system until week 4 so keep that in mind. You can follow my picks at Wagerline. My user name on the site is bwell316, and I do run a daily survivor selection as well.

Now if you will excuse I am going to get this "honey-do list" finished so I can get settled in for the Yankees and Jays at 1pm in crystal clear hd.


Joe said...

Do YOU believe Glavine will be the last to 300? Remember back in 2003 when Clemens was the "last 300 game winner"? We've had two in just four years since then.

Glavine's entire career has been played since the majors were LaRussa'd. There will be future 300 game winners. Both Buehrle and Sabathia are ahead of Glavine's career pace, and I'd be willing to bet Mussina will get there if he really wants to.

MattyMSM said...

I don't know about Buehrle. Sabathia reminds me of Bartolo Colon in terms of his ho-hum mindset about keeping in shape, and in the last 2 years that has caught up with Colon in a big way. Mussina could get it if he stays with the Yankees for awhile, but he is on pace this year for about 12 wins. His career average per year is 16, so he would need about a three and a half more years hitting his average wins per year to get that. From what I have seen of Mussina this season, I honestly don't know if he has that much time left. Although Glavine has been pitching in the LaRussa Era of Bullpen Management, he played for the Atlanta Braves for the bulk of that career, and they never really had a good bullpen behind him, Maddux or Smoltz (or Millwood for that matter), so he got to stick around a lot longer in games than other pitchers might. Thanks for reading!


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